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Neurospace has been proudly providing rehabilitation services to Canberra and the surrounds since February 2009, growing significantly to serve the local community and their needs. With a team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and massage therapists, we aim to provide a holistic approach to address, diagnose and treat your specific condition. We proudly work to help treat long-standing and difficult conditions, particularly those contributing to unsteadiness or pain, for people with movement difficulties and place an emphasis on helping you gain a better quality of life and meaning from our therapy.

We have been pioneering the use of laser therapy for neurological conditions and have been able to successfully to reduce pain and accelerate healing in other conditions such as arthritis. We are able to apply these skills to solving musculoskeletal issues and injuries and enjoy being able to help to correct alignment and motor control. We are particularly known for working with people with movement problems due to damage to the nervous and/or sensory systems including movement problems due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, recovery from neurosurgery, peripheral neuropathies, muscular dystrophies, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, and motor neurone disease.

Dizziness may happen when your brain is confused or isn't getting enough sensory information, affecting your bodies spacial awareness

Your brain uses information from your five senses and from your vestibular system in your inner ear to keep you stable and to coordinate your movements. Sometimes, things go wrong with your vestibular system, other sensory systems of the brain, and the brain, which then struggles to interpret all the information. 

Instead, it interprets it as being dizzy. Other feelings you might experience are being woozy, unsteady on your feet, lightheaded or you feel like you’re spinning, or that the room is spinning. It can be an uncomfortable, even frightening feeling that affects your confidence and ability to go out and enjoy life, especially if the dizziness keeps happening.

Dizziness can be treated but it isn’t usually an illness in itself. Rather it’s a symptom of something else. Your brain is trying to tell you that something’s not right.

How does Neurospace help you? 
Our job at Neurospace is to identify the underlying problem that’s resulting in dizziness then develop a treatment plan to help you feel steady on your feet again.

Sometimes dizziness is explained by a medical condition; sometimes the roots lie in other things going on in your life. That’s why we take a holistic approach to understanding and treating dizziness.

We begin by talking with you about your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle patterns and areas of stress.

Then we examine you, looking for any changes to the balance systems in your inner ear and brain that control your movement. Then we look for physical weaknesses and biomechanical changes that might make you unsteady. Lastly, we examine any psychological issues that might be making you anxious.

The Neurospace approach to treating dizziness 
There are different underlying causes of dizziness, and they need different treatments. By talking to you and examining you, we are often able to see that your symptoms fit a pattern that indicates a particular cause.

That helps us make a confident diagnosis of the underlying cause of your dizziness. Sometimes, additional tests are may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis. Occasionally, we uncover issues that are beyond our capability to manage, such as undiagnosed neural issues, heart or other medical issues. If that happens, we will recommend further assessment by experts in those fields.

Once we’ve identified the underlying cause of your dizziness, we can then begin the appropriate treatment. Depending on your condition, treatment might include mobilisation, positional manoeuvres (most common is Epley's manoeuvre, but there are many more), stress relief, improving alignment and strength, supportive footwear, providing walking aids or other supports.

Need Help With Dizziness? 
If you’re currently experiencing symptoms of dizziness, you can book an appointment with our experienced team here at Neurospace to discuss your symptoms and a personalised treatment plan to the root cause of your dizziness.  

Our team is led by Deborah Carrera, who has been working with vestibular clients since 1991 when she began training in the vestibular field in America. She then went on to do her Masters, researching people experiencing dizziness. She has taught courses for the Australian Physiotherapy Association about vestibular work and trains our Neurospace team in her approach to dizziness assessment and management.

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